Pyrography: How to use Watercolor Pencils on Wood Burning (Albrecht Durer)

Pyrography: How to use Watercolor Pencils on Wood Burning (Albrecht Durer)
Today, I am going to show you how to use watercolor pencils on wood. There are few things to be aware depending on how much water you use. I will also discuss how I will be doing my final sealing of the cherry blossoms to ensure the always look bright and new.
I have chosen to use my Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils because they tend to have a higher lightfast rating & are the same color as the polychromos.

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Pyrography: How to use Watercolor Pencils on Wood Burning (Albrecht Durer)

Pyrography: How to use Watercolor Pencils on Wood Burning (Albrecht Durer)

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  1. my goodness.. . you won my heart.. with the painting but mostly with the Princess Bride quoting! Love, The Brute Squad

  2. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful – I love this. And I cannot wait till tomorrow – my first LIVE and I'll be home to see it!

  3. Good grief almighty! This is just beautiful! So glad you chose to apply the watercolor pencils! The piece is just simply stunning and honestly, I never would have thought to use the pencils, so once again, I'm learning something new! Wonderful stuff! Thank you for sharing, Valerie! 🙂

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