Pyrography: Doing Freehand vs Using Patterns in Wood Burning. Trying to achieve Realism

Pyrography: Doing Freehand vs Using Patterns in Wood Burning. Trying to achieve Realism
I wanted to focus more on the Santa hair from the Wednesday live. I can do better in pyrography and though that was the first time wood burning white hair…I knew I could do better. It took me two more tries, but I am a bit happier with how the third burning turned out.

This was burned on birch purchased from Michael’s. I used the optima 1 wood burner and the colwood super pro 2.

The white colored pencils I used can be found here:
Or here:
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Pyrography: Doing Freehand vs Using Patterns in Wood Burning

Pyrography: Doing Freehand vs Using Patterns in Wood Burning. Trying to achieve Realism

16 thoughts on “Pyrography: Doing Freehand vs Using Patterns in Wood Burning. Trying to achieve Realism”

  1. Yep I'm am just that stubborn that I had to do the same hair 3 times. πŸ˜† As I did the 3rd one, I really started thinking about free hand versus using a pattern. Do you do all of your art freehanded or are there times you go with a pattern? Let me know! 😁

  2. I have watched a lot of pyography tutorials – these are the best! You actually explain why, how and what you are doing – thank you. Such nice work

  3. Enjoy all your burning. Was wondering if you would provide us with a link to your permenant color pencils that you were using. Thank you for your help and videos

  4. la herramienta de pirograbador muy bueno pero se necesita como hacer o donde conseguir dicha herramienta ,. mi correo es

  5. This is a great video!!! Good job!!! Your videos save me a lot of self teaching time. Thanks again!! πŸ™‚

  6. Oh Lord, I could never use that pattern you drew. It looks like a bunch of scribbled lines to me; it would confuse me trying to figure out what to shade and how. 😬

  7. I make magic wands and walking sticks, all shaved with a draw knife. Using a pattern would be too difficult, not to mention that wood grains don't always cooperate. Everything I do is freehand; I would be terrified of messing up a pattern on "regular" wood. lol I'm actually afraid that I couldn't do a pattern piece correctly because I just can't "see" the shading in my head with a pattern. With freehand I am able to see everything before I start. I'm weird,btw. πŸ˜‹

  8. I just purchased the same shader tip for my Colwood woodburning kit. Thank you for doing this video with it!

  9. "Live & learn." Quote of life, right? Realistic hair, to me, is perhaps the most difficult thing to draw, so I can't even begin to imagine burning it… let alone white hair! Where this video pays off is your honest, sincere walkthrough of how you were willing to try, feel like it wasn't working, and try a different approach. So many artists on YouTube aren't willing to expose that side of themselves, but any truly dedicated artist knows that that's exactly how the process works, both on the board and in our heads. Thank you for sharing both your work, your exploration, and your results. Fanflippin' tastic stuff. πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Valarie,
    I used to draw freehand the pattern on to wood, but I was spending more time drawing all the details or erasing the mistakes! So I now print out a pattern for everything, by doing this doesn't make me a lesser Artist, in fact I would recommend it to all Pyrographers. By using a pattern I can relax knowing that all my areas are where they should be and at the correct scale! I can't understand the people who think that it's not true Pyrography, so what about those who find it difficult to draw something freehand!!! Pyrography is open to all standard's of Artists, as long as they enjoy what they are doing where's the problem? Plus these FREEHAND Pyrographers… who gave them the right to stipulate what's the correct proceedure. It breaks down to a form of Bullying and I dislike BULLIES to say the very least.
    If I can find a way to enjoy Pyrography more and it improves the outcome then I will do it, there's no wrong or right way in Pyrography unless it is CNC machined… but that's my opinion lol. The right way is enjoyable so that's good enough for me.
    Can't wait for this week's LIVE SHOW, you are doing a fine job Valarie and I'm proud to be one of the Bunch : )
    PS. Rant over grrrrrrrrr lololol

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