Perfect table finish – True Wood Design

Perfect table finish - True Wood Design
How shiny is shiny? Want the best high gloss piano finish? Go with polyester! I love this stuff! Sherwin Williams recently started importing Sayerlack from Italy. Sprays on super thick with re-coats every 15 min and best part is no sanding in between. Sanding at the end is where it’s all at. I work my way up from 320 grit, then wet sand with 500,1000,1200,2000 then compound and buff. Last I hit it with carnuba wax! I love this stuff and keep getting better at it.

Perfect table finish – True Wood Design

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  1. Hi that's amazing
    I realize you mention sayerlack from Italy
    I'm italian and shame on me never heard about sayerlack
    So among all their products is polyhuretan varnish transparent I must look for?
    Is it to be sprayed or can be brush applied or poured as epoxy as well?

  2. Hi, looks amazing! I'd love to know more about exactly how this was done. Some basic internet research says that specialized equipment is necessary to apply polyester; is anything more than a medium grade air spray gun required? How did you apply this that would be different than applying lacquer with a spray gun? Also if you know the product codes for the sealer and subsequent topcoats…. 😉 I See you used platin and mirca for sanding, what did you use for compound?

  3. So you say you just keep getting better at it. How many attempts before you got this good? I’m trying for the same look buffing polyurethane but am having no luck. Thanks.

  4. thats how they make ferrari, lamborghini, and pagani shiny shiny. viva L'Italia.
    that table looks awesome. really nice job.
    i do have a question….how hard of a finish is it? wood you compare it to urethane, varnish, or what else?

  5. Hi. I really love your table top and the finish you are able to active. I restore dashboards, but I have been using polyester, which I am not happy with. The finish is beautiful after it is buffed up, as the picture shows, but after a few months , the clear sinks back into the grain. Does polyester sink back at all, bearing in mind that the woodwork I do are Rolls Royce and Bentley, so the jobs have got to be 100%perfect.

  6. This video is now about 3.5 years old, do you still think Sayerlack is a good choice, or have you come across something better? Mind you, I'm located in Nevada so the air is a lot drier over here, would that matter when spraying polyester? Thank you!

  7. Too much goddamn reflection to enjoy the beautiful wood underneath. Now it will be condemned to spend the rest of its life in a tacky Mexican restaurant.

  8. Whats the best way to restore a gloss finish table top. I can't sand too deep b/c it will damage the design under neath the finish. I have some 800 grid orbital sand paper that I have been playing with on the sander (only for a few minutes) but there are some deeper scratches… I saw one guy did a video where he taped around the scratches and build it back up with lacquer (using artiste paint brush). I just don't want to start experimenting and mess it up…

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