6 thoughts on “Pen finishing.mp4”

  1. I'm guessing the issue that I had with clouding was because I sanded too soon after applying the Woodturner's Finish? What can I do now with that gray look?

  2. Good stuff Ed. I use CA to finish pens but sometimes have a hard time not ending up with chips on the finish when taking the blank off the bushings. Is there something I can do to prevent that? And, is a blank turned with this wood turner's finish easier to get off the bushings than one finished with CA?

  3. Well, the blank looked pretty good! But, I sanded with 1500 grit, less than a minute on the lathe. Took off all the "high spots" and looked like a reasonably good matte finish.

    Then, went to the tripoli and white diamond on the buffing wheels (about 30 seconds each). The result is a very nice shine–wood the way I like it–shiny but not plastic. I will assemble the pen and take pics tomorrow (Sunday)–will post here. Ed

  4. Ed- currently I go through all the CA steps and use the micromesh and buffing wheel to polish it off. Does the General Finish take well to micromeshing and buffing? I like to have that high gloss look on my pens, but hate the problems and smells that CA can have. CA is a love/hate for me.

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