Part 2: Fitting a Wood Burning Stove to a Canvas Bell Tent

Part 2: Fitting a Wood Burning Stove to a Canvas Bell Tent
In Part 1 we made the leather reinforcement ring. Now in Part 2 we are going to stitch this ring to the canvas, cut and create a hole for the stove flue to pass through. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching.

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Part 2: Fitting a Wood Burning Stove to a Canvas Bell Tent

14 thoughts on “Part 2: Fitting a Wood Burning Stove to a Canvas Bell Tent”

  1. Thanks Mike.
    It's been fitted and removed over half a dozen times now and the bolts are no longer tight in the Leather and so fit easily but snugly as planned, I have also bought some A4 Stainless Steel wingnuts to suit and fitting now only takes a minute or two. As you mentioned in one of your comments it has been tested well, the ground temperature was minus 14`C outside and the stove was at full tilt (while cooking) around 350`C with the water in the tank at a rolling boil, the flue at the point entering the flashing 210`C and the canvas immediately around the flashing 60`C. I wish I had taken an air temperature thermometer but didn't although I can tell you it was comfortable inside with the stove needing another log or two each 2-3 hours while on low burn.

  2. This tent is awesome👍🏻 I'v got one 4m but havn't tested it yet..Thanks for the video

  3. Thank goodness for the dog, he ran past with that ball just as i was getting a bit bored. lol 😀

  4. Good job on the leatherwork Mike. I was wondering how you were going to saddle stitch that. 😀

    I've got the exact same tent – except made by Soul Pad. I think most of em are made in Eastern Europe and then re-branded under different names, because they all look identical to me. I was out once in high gale force winds in the hills and the thing was absolutely nailed to the ground. It's like being in a house – only problem is, they are almost as heavy as one. 😀

    I love the tent, the truth is they are of limited use though. You have to be able to get your Land Rover right next to your pitch and that limits your options – unless you are happy on a campsite with 50 others.

  5. Michael does your Naglene stainless stel bottle you are normaly use in fire has non polished inside weld?

  6. Joe Robinet, My Self Reliance, and Mcq have brought me so much relief. My divorce has almost killed me. The love for my kids and spending time outdoors with them has saved me. Thanks guys.

  7. Awesomeness love all your videos you're biggest fan Wolfpack Australia cheers

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