Organize That Shop – Three Shop Organizing Projects

Organize That Shop - Three Shop Organizing Projects
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Things I Used in This Project:
T-Track Table:
Right Angle Jigs:
Push Blocks:
T-Track Clamp:
T-Track Hardware Kit:
Self Centering Bit:
Brass Set up Blocks:
Glue Bottle:
Glue Brush:
Bench Cookies:
Bench Cookie Finishing Cones:
Straight Bit:

Organize That Shop – Three Shop Organizing Projects

19 thoughts on “Organize That Shop – Three Shop Organizing Projects”

  1. Hi April, love your video content. I don't know if you've mentioned this already but how big is your shop? and what would the optimal size be for someone who's just starting out but may need to expand later? Also could you mention what are main tools to have from day one? and finally what are the best tools that might be expensive but worth it and saves your time?

    Keep it up!

  2. WOW, just found you and just LOVE your channel. Thanks so much for everything you do. Any change of getting a video of moving external walls? I need to pop out an inside corner (6' x 12') to make house square.

  3. April great job!
    I absolutely LOVE the bench cookie idea and will be using it in my garage/shop here.
    I think I’ll use the 3” PVC pipe but instead of attaching it to the wall I’ll drill holes (not all the way through) in the back of the PVC and glue strong magnets in them to attach it to the side of my metal rolling workbench/tool box.
    Thanks for these videos April and keep them coming!

  4. I like to keep my shop well organized. One thing that helps is, once you have decided on a tool layout for a pegboard area, place the hooks and tools, and trace each tool (or whatever) with a marker. You will never get the tool in the wrong place after that, and others (like my wife) have a good idea where something goes.

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