maple bullet ferro rod wood carving part 4

maple bullet ferro rod wood  carving part 4
.maple bullet part 4 . the final video in the maple bullet carving and on to the next carving after this i hope your enjoying the carving videos and thank you for the support .

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maple bullet ferro rod wood carving part 4

18 replies on “maple bullet ferro rod wood carving part 4”


  2. Awesome brother so much detail everytime we see a new part of the making !
    God bless

  3. Hey Dark,,, great jammin tunes,,, does the copyright police ever mess with you on that brother? A while back, I had a 20's song playing in the background for just a moment and haha the sobs got me on that.,,,It's crazy man.

  4. Yes Sir, I knew there was a work of art under all those chips.. Some great music this morning.. Enjoy the day and keep the camera rolling…

  5. WOW Dark that handle is bad-ass .. But what is it with the maple leaf ? Are you or Jerry Canadian ?? And Dark that music rocks big time … Enjoy watching you carve Sir … Thanks for the share ….. Mark …..

  6. Such Sweetness my eyes have seen and the sounds my ears have heard are beyond compare. I smile at the thought of this video winging it's way through the depths of space causing the Aliens to stare. Great one DM -Jim

  7. What do you mean the final video on the handle? I had hoped we would get to see finished look when you were done with it. Your carving skills are beyond many who have tried their hand at carving. I hope the man makes a video showing it finished if you're trying to surprise him with how it looks comp,eyed. Looking forward to the next project. Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. I saw Queen Joan once back in Ohio she and M. Fox were in a film. She has NO ego….

  9. Really……. very cool Dark. I've thoroughly enjoyed watching the series. I know Jerry will be excited to get it!

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