Making a Tablet or iPad Stand – A woodworking video

Making a Tablet or iPad Stand - A woodworking video
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Making a wooden iPad or Tablet stand is a fun project and there can be many different designs, this one uses the box joint to connect the wood together making an attractive and sturdy stand
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Making a Tablet or iPad Stand – A woodworking video

17 thoughts on “Making a Tablet or iPad Stand – A woodworking video”

  1. As I am retired and live in an apartment in New York City I don’t have room for woodworking equipment. I was wondering if you would sell one of these and if so how much would you charge?

  2. Thank you Colin for this and all of your vids. We learn so much from you and people like you who give their time and expense to help people like me who love woodworking in all its forms. Thank you again for your invaluable knowledge.John from Australia.

  3. Nice Quality wood products and videos. Kindly continue forever. Would you also please make video on making small pencil box for children. My requirements are… it should have a secret hidden compartments ( for fun!!). Hope you could help us make it. Thanks !!

  4. My name is Ken Hill and this question is for Colin Knecht. I have made a box joint jig using the basic principles you have shared in this video. My problem as a novice woodworker is that I don't know how to secure the threaded rod on the handle end so that the threaded rod doesn't come out of the jig. What is the trick here? You mentioned two nuts and a washer. Where are these put so that the threaded rod doesn't come in and out of the jig, but only moves the carriage?

  5. Hi, have you ever done something like a multi-direction stretchable stand for a tablet? or something like a stretchable arm? I would like to use my tablet in bed to watch movies and can't take this idea out of my mind xP

  6. Thanks for the note … and the vote of confidence in selling these items. If I had some time, I would certainly consider it, but thanks for making the suggestion.
    Great to have you with us ….

  7. Hi Angie … I have had a few comments on this, I might need to do a quick vid on this, thanks for commenting, great to have you with us

  8. I also liked the tip about mounting the belt sander. I have one that I don't use often that could be put to good use that way.

  9. Great project. I like to have my iPad when I'm working too. Sometimes even if its just to watch a video…like this…. And follow along.

  10. Thanks for commenting Chuck, and thanks for the tip on how to make another version of a tablet stand, I love that idea, and it's much more compact. Also, a great way to use some burl that otherwise might be harder to find a use for. Great to have you with us and thanks again for contributing.

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