Making A Table Saw Crosscut Sled – Simple & Precise

Making A Table Saw Crosscut Sled - Simple & Precise
Since upgrading to my new table saw a few months ago, I need to start putting together all new sleds and jigs to go along with it. Arguably the most important one of them all is a good crosscut sled to help make perfect and repeatable 90 degree cuts.

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Making A Table Saw Crosscut Sled – Simple & Precise

12 thoughts on “Making A Table Saw Crosscut Sled – Simple & Precise”

  1. Good video, Mark! Really clear instructions. I have a really large sled for my table saw…even bigger than this. and there are some times that I think I want something smaller, but I have used the fact that it is quite large a LOT over the last couple of years!

  2. Love the vids, just a thought maybe add a little music clip during the intro it will surprisingly make it much better.

  3. That's one beefy cross cut sled. What do you think it weighs? Nevermind. It's cedar. Not too heavy. lol

  4. Simple but effective – love it mate! we used the 5 cut method on ours and it was super accurate. Good shout 👍🏼

  5. A shop staple. Great build, and excellent recording of the process! I laid a cheap sticker-ruler on the base of mine, thinking it would get me by until a nicer stop-block system, but it's so handy (especially for quick cuts that don't have to be perfect) I haven't considered the upgrade yet. Thanks for the video.

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