Making a Super Accurate Miter Gauge

Making a Super Accurate Miter Gauge
Building a super accurate accessory for your table saw that helps to make very precise, angled cuts. This is not aimed at the beginner woodworker, but rather at more advanced projects. Despite its high accuracy, this project does not require any machinist or metal working skills.
This project must to tailored to your specific table saw, so I am not providing plans. However, I have full-size pdf templates for the critical component, which is a large angle gauge that can be printed on an oversize printer. You can download these files for free from my website at:
You will need a good circle cutting jig for your router. Here is the link to a video I made showing the build for the jig used in this video:

The down-cut spiral carbide router bit used in the video: Whiteside RD2100:
3M Safety Walk Slip Resistant Tread tape:
Knurled brass nuts 1/4×20 (metric versions also available):
Threaded black 4-arm plastic knobs:
Aluminum cutting #7 scrollsaw blades:
Magnifying cursor: MagniPros 6” Magnifying Bar, currently not available from Amazon, but available from a variety of other online suppliers such as WalMart.

Making a Super Accurate Miter Gauge

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  1. The video was ok. I don't mean to ruffle any feathers, but the process was just a little quick for me. I would have to play it over and over to hold the information. only because of my lack of attention ability, but otherwise looks like a great project.

  2. Holy smokes, man! This is a great video. Thank you for taking the time to explain the process. I don't think anything you said was wasted, either.

  3. Very well thought out and executed. one suggestion I might make to those wanting to cut longer stock at an extreme angle is moving the hold down location onto the fence itself.

  4. The plans will be helpful in building of the gauge. Thanks and I think you have made a vast improvement over others in building a accurate gauge. looks easy enough to build. Thanks for the plans.

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