Making A Sled For Christmas | Woodworking

Making A Sled For Christmas | Woodworking
I wanted to challenge myself to use my X-Carve to duplicate an existing item. Way back when I was a kid, my Dad built me a sled. Well I have two boys of my own now, so I figured it would be the perfect thing to practice on so they could each have a sled of their own.

The challenge was: could I make an exact replica by taking measurements and drawing it in the computer? One of the most difficult parts was making 44” runners on a 30” cutting surface.

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Making A Sled For Christmas | Woodworking

4 replies on “Making A Sled For Christmas | Woodworking”

  1. That’s great that you were able to replicate something that your dad made for you that you enjoyed when you were young so your boys can have a similar experience. I really liked the story that went along with that. That turned out beautifully. Great work once again Mark.

  2. Your dads is great but yours is better. I think the trouble and your fix, the rounded edges actually made the front of the sled look better. A truly nice way to honor your dad and give something of yourself to your boys.

  3. Love this project. I love that you have the sled from your childhood that your dad made. I love how you used newer technology to make it. Too bad there was no snow, but I’m sure you’ll post video on Instagram in the near future.

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