Making a Simple Garden Table – Woodworking Project

Making a Simple Garden Table - Woodworking Project
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I had a request to repair or recycle a Garden Table and re-use the Legs from the original Table.

The Legs were really rusty and a couple are not at true 90 degree angle with the Flange that fixes them to the underside of the Table, but it was insisted to recycle them.

The new Table Top is made from reclaimed Pine from the scrap pile and is a simple construction similar to the old Table Top.

I cleaned up the Metal Legs and painted them using Metal Spray Paint.

I painted the Table Top using a Water Based Exterior Paint.

This would make a simple or easy project for a beginner to woodworking

Music: Happy Go Lucky – The Wood Yogi

I like the idea of making my own Tools, especially if it is a Tool that is not easily found or readily available. Handmade Tools give great satisfaction and for me it is fun knowing that I created something to help me better improve my woodworking experience.

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Making a Simple Garden Table – Woodworking Project

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