Making a Cross Cut Sled // Miter Jig // Stop Block // T-Track // Woodworking

Making a Cross Cut Sled // Miter Jig // Stop Block // T-Track // Woodworking
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T-Track –
Hold Down Clamps –
Double T-Track –
T-Track Tape Measure – (This one is Left-Right reading, I actually got one that reads Right-Left)
Calipers –
Feeler Gauge –
HDPE Plastic for Runners –
Router Plane –
Vix Bit –
Block Plane –
Framing Square –



William Ng 5 Cut Method Video ––LFgQ

ShopBuilt Cross Cut Sled –

King’s Fine Woodworking for Miter Jig and easy explanation of 5 cut method –



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Rockler sent me the t-tracks and clamps to use for this sled, even so, all opinions are my own.

Making a Cross Cut Sled // Miter Jig // Stop Block // T-Track // Woodworking

11 thoughts on “Making a Cross Cut Sled // Miter Jig // Stop Block // T-Track // Woodworking”

  1. Totally awesome, especially the double track for safely holding small parts. I have two words of caution however. When you ripped the rabbit, the second cut would have been safer and just as easy to do if you had flipped the board around so the that the off cut was on the left side of the blade and not trapped between the blade and the fence. Often what happens in this instance is the off cut is shot back toward the operator.
    The second word of caution regards the rounding over operation on the router. I noticed you where using a push block to feed the material into the bit with your right hand but not your left. I have a finger tip that will never be the same because I did not use a push block in my left hand. Due to the direction of the rotation of the bit the board is much more likely to spin the work clock wise. This motion is much more likely to drag your left hand into the bit. The safer practice would be to use the push block in your left hand and feed with your right. Always remember, just like the Terminator, power tools do not feel pity or remorse. They will take a bite out of you in the blink of an eye and not feel bad about it. Never fear them, but always respect.

  2. Thank you. Couple of great ideas you've had. I'm on my 6th or 7th sled, and i'm about to build yet another one, i will definitely use several of your ideas. Love the weight saving and thumb stops, but the positive stop feature is brilliant.

  3. Been watching your videos and ideas for a few months now, and this video caught my eye because 1 I need a sled 2 you have a similar dewalt tablesaw. I like that you were honest in the post production aspect and left the mistakes in there. There are many lessons in our mistakes and too often some makers/DIY channels only show the picture perfect side of things. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Thank you for the video, just what I am looking for…one question: do you ever remove the riving knife when using the sled?

  5. AWESOME video many great ideas i will be putting to use for many different projects i have been planning with too many questions (until now) to even consider attempting. THANKS

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