Make These Easy DIY Storage Bins // Organization, Woodworking Project

Make These Easy DIY Storage Bins // Organization, Woodworking Project
In this video, I take some plywood scraps I had lying around the shop and turn them into some easy DIY storage bins for organizing my kids’ rooms. These storage bins are so easy to make, and they really improve our organization.



TOOLS & MATERIALS: (affiliate links)
Homeright sprayer –
Table saw –
Jigsaw – (I don’t have this one, but it is better)
Random orbit sander –
Sandpaper – (Diablo from Home Depot is what I like to use)
Forstner bits –
Nail gun –
18ga finish nails –
Mycolorshot spray paint – (JoAnn Stores)
Water based poly –


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Make These Easy DIY Storage Bins // Organization, Woodworking Project

4 thoughts on “Make These Easy DIY Storage Bins // Organization, Woodworking Project”

  1. Hey man. I love how these turned out. I like the visual interest of the geometric pattern perfect for toys or odds and ends! Nice project very good work

  2. Great project Bruce! I really like how they turned out, and the natural plywood and paint looks great. I TOTALLY know what its like to get that perfect shot…with my head in the way. I guess I aim the camera how I'd approach the part – then approach it, putting my head in the way, haha. Also noticed the editing on this video – really like that side motion transition you were using. I might try to use that in of my films; had a great flow to it. Glad you got this one published!

  3. Good stuff, as usual. Good commentary, good music…good good great. Now to make a storage rack for these 😜

  4. Hey Bruce! This video turned out nice. Good jams, camera shots and nice bins. The bins would even be better if they would stack on top of one another. You know, make the bottom of the bin shoe into the top of the bin below. On the ones you have already built you could possibly use 4 dowels (in the top) that index into 4 holes (in the bottom) of each bin. Or even better on the next batch make a route top and bottom (like a rabbit) that fit into one another. I like to build stuff from scraps too. Plywood pieces have to get pretty small to end up in the burn pile around here! 😊

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