Make a Wooden Coffee Scoop

Make a Wooden Coffee Scoop
This woodworking video shows how to make a wooden coffee scoop. This is an excellent gift for the coffee lover in your life. Minimal tools and skills required.

Below are a couple links that will take you to step-by-step written tutorials:

How to Make A Wooden Coffee Scoop

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Make a Wooden Coffee Scoop

13 replies on “Make a Wooden Coffee Scoop”

  1. Work in wood is a very passion. isn't reason that our Lord Jesus Christ was carpinter. Your work is a very inspiration! Congratulations.

  2. Very nice project this is something that's going to go on my list. Contrary to what others said, thank you for the narration. I look forward to watching your other videos.

  3. It depends very much on your audience, but with narration, less is almost always more. I find that voice overs, added after the video is made, are generally better. It’s easier to write cleanly than to speak cleanly. Most people have a tendency to blather. Captions explaining what’s going on are worth considering too, as they add the discipline of minimising the wordage on the screen. Remember George Orwell, “If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.” Good luck.

  4. 8 min video could have been 5 mins because of all the talking. However interesting project deserves to be subbed. Liked and subscribed well done

  5. Use two Forster bits drill part way with one, but grind the point off the other one to finish the hole.

  6. Innspiring project! I found that your explanations as you take us through the video to be really helpful. Thanks! And your project came out looking so nice. Now I have another idea for all of my scrap wood!

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