Make a Wood and Resin Lamp

Make a Wood and Resin Lamp
On this Episode of Bens Worx i create a Bedside lamp using resin and wood with a sand inlay. The wood i used was Cherry and Tasmanian Oak. The epoxy resin i used was Art resin by Just Resin.

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Make a Wood and Resin Lamp

14 thoughts on “Make a Wood and Resin Lamp”

  1. HI Ben, I really like the concept of shaping the resin before it has fully set. Very clever and with so many applications! Can I make some suggestions about the base/exposed light fitting which would turn it from a very lovely lamp to an amazing lamp. You could have put the shade so it sat directly on top of your wooden base, that way we would not see a plastic light fitting (it does not enhance the design). If you use an LED bulb, the heat gain inside the shade is negligible, and anyway, most resins can take tremendous heat. You would still be able to get your hand inside to fit a new bulb. Or, if you do not fancy that idea, why not extend the height of the base so that it encompasses the base of the light fitting in a concealed recess, and again, have the shade so it meets with no gap. Hope you don't mind me suggesting. Debs

  2. Looks Fantastic! Where did you get this silicone mold? Can you share with me! Thank you already!

  3. Ben the shade is gorgeous looks like a, Phoenix in the first view taking flight. Though that foes suck that even wiring a lamp has to be done by a certified electrician all my dad has to do is call em to make sure his house wiring is up to code he can make anything running mains power he wants and trust me he is good enough to have certification by proxy if that were a thing, if you take my meaning.

    Man is a master of ohms and the Bass.

  4. That turned out beautiful, any issues with the heat from the bulb with the resin?personally I would have gone right to the Base with the lamp,so the bulb fittings are not seen,but again that would restrict the light,maybe..still love it..nice job.

  5. Love the idea and i will try it. But i think you should have hidden the lamp, perhaps making a cubic base and hidding it there

  6. Looks great! I’m thinking of doing a wood and resin project, but I noticed you used a different resin for the lazy Susan gallon pour. But here you used just resin, I’d there a great difference between brands? I use art resin for coasters and would just like to know if there is a better one for wood.

  7. Hey there! I didn't see that resin tray on your site. Did you make it from scratch? Or where could I get one ? 🙂

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