Lichtenberg Wood Burning Knife Handle

Lichtenberg Wood Burning Knife Handle
I used my Lichtenberg wood burning machines to burn Lichtenberg figures or fractal burns on several sets of Knife scales or handles. I burned seven sets in 4 different types of wood. I sent them of to a friend that makes knives and he used them on a really nice skinner knife. I used the Oxalic acid to clean the burns. I used my Oil Burner transformer wood burning machine and a variac on this burn.
Here is a link to products I used from Amazon:
Wood Bleach

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Music By Ricardo Sanchez

Lichtenberg Wood Burning Knife Handle

6 replies on “Lichtenberg Wood Burning Knife Handle”

  1. Gratuitous nod to Monster Energy Drinks. 🙂 Great informative videos. Looking forward to building my own Lichtenberg device and giving this a try. Your comparison on the different types of transformers was very helpful. Not sure which one I will make, but I know the microwave version will be overkill for what I want to do. Thanks for taking the time to make these videos.

  2. great.. should make nice handles… ive been wondering about this… what about stabilizing them after the burn ???

  3. Why not have him shape the handle, THEN send you the scales to burn. That way he could simply put whatever finish on he wants & pin them together on the blade. (He would have to label the scales & blades to keep them matched of course… I've made knives in the past and it's very rewarding to use a knife in the kitchen that you made yourself.)

  4. Pistol grips sound Kool
    But anything and everything Fracted is Kool to me now😀
    I don't know where it's been all my life
    But I don't do the internet,computers or the social media
    I'm 61 and my phone gives me enough headaches
    Can't wait to see the grips

  5. I did a set of ceiling fan blades recently
    I was surprised how well the compressed paper burned
    My friends love them more than most my pieces
    I wasn't happy
    3 matched pretty well and one didn't
    I have another set and I'm going to try a measured pencil layout
    The burn tends to follow the pencil lead also

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