Lichtenberg Wood Burning, Burning More Old Wood

Lichtenberg Wood Burning, Burning More Old Wood
I burned Lichtenberg Figures on an almost 100-year-old piece of shiplap made of pine. It had some cool knots and it came out great. This is a long video but worth watching to the end. I also show how I treat the wood with wood bleach and this time I finished it with Tung oil. I used my oil burner Lichtenberg Burning machine to burn it.

Here is a link to the Wood Bleach I use: (Affiliate)

Here is a link to the Tung Oil I Use: (Affiliate)

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Lichtenberg Wood Burning, Burning More Old Wood

11 thoughts on “Lichtenberg Wood Burning, Burning More Old Wood”

  1. I am not Patti. I am Patti's husband Dick . I have watched all you videos and all I know I have learned from you and my own experimenting. One thing I do is burn both sides, this gives me two shots at each board. Something else I have tried is I have painted the boards with water color before I burnt them. I like how most have turned out. Thanks for sharing

  2. Wow what a piece, great work. I know everyone sees things differently so I wanted to share my interpretation of this piece.
    The lower half to me looks like a body of water with the center line of the board being the horizon looking into the sunset or sunrise. Above the centerline is the sky and the knot above is a tornado or waterspout with its reflection in the water below.
    Just picked up a older 12K 35ma transformer last night and am about to start my build, I can't wait to start experimenting.
    Thanks for sharing all your knowledge, techniques and experience so others can learn and follow in your footsteps.

  3. After you turned it 180 it looks like a dirt road headed up, Your Work always turns out Awesome !
    I have purchased a Neon adjustable Transformer with a built in Power switch, added 7ft on each leg of high voltage GTO wire and just now need to get some Good clips and hope I’m on the right track !
    Thanks for all your videos you share with all of us !

  4. I recently did a rebuild on a historic apartment building that was constructed in 1920. In one apartment I had replace floor joists and subfloor that had termite damage. I was able to salvage and keep some of both. The subfloor was 1×14” and the joists were 2×8” . I have already made some tables and I still have enough for one more dining table. I just started wood burning a couple of months ago and I’m planning on incorporating it on this piece. The 2×8” are very heavy and smell like a pine-sol spill when cut. The 1×14” is more dry. Any advice would be appreciated. I’ve been watching you videos and enjoy them. Thanks.

  5. I just found your videos tonight…My wife and I LOVE your work and have watched (and liked)
    most of your posts. I've seen others doing the same thing, but your work is a cut above the rest. Very well presented and informative. Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your methods with all of us wanna be's.

  6. what kind of items will you use this burning on and what do you do with all these small pieces you demonstrate on?

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