Lichtenberg Wood Burning Broken Board Hanging

Lichtenberg Wood Burning Broken Board Hanging
I had a piece of Black Walnut that was really nice but it had two cracks through it. I planed the board flat and then broke the board along the cracks. I then cleaned the edges up with a band saw. I burned Lichtenberg figures in all three pieces with my Microwave oven Lichtenberg Wood Burning Machine, I cleaned, bleached and then finished the pieces with Polyurethane. All 3 pieces will be reconnected and hung with slight gaps between each piece.

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Wipe on Poly:
Disposable Paint Brushes:
Wood Bleach

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Lichtenberg Wood Burning Broken Board Hanging

12 replies on “Lichtenberg Wood Burning Broken Board Hanging”

  1. In one of your videos, you showed using a sealer on the wood to keep the black soot out of the surrounding wood grain. What was that called? Nice work here again! Beautiful.

  2. I bought everything to make one of these including the varact. I dont have a transformer yet so what do you recommend? The microwave or the oil burner.

  3. great idea and looks really nice, just an idea, if you dont want to see the connection, how about mounting them on clear perspex? just an idea. Keep up the good work.

  4. Does the burn always travel from positive to negative? Is there a way to “guide” the burn to create a specific pattern or picture?

  5. Salam alaikum. I am a good follower of you. I am from Egypt. I would like you to add Arabic to your videos so that we can learn from you because I do not speak English well. Thank you for your attention.

  6. Nice work. I like how the one piece has a bit of a formula to it, but the bigger one is more random. If they were all the same I don't think it would be as pleasing to my eye.

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