Kuksa Carving – My Green Woodworking Journey

Kuksa Carving - My Green Woodworking Journey
Kuksa Carving – My Green Woodworking Journey. I was out in the woods searching for kuksa materials and for spoon carving. Two wonderful days in a December dark Norway!

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Kuksa Carving – My Green Woodworking Journey

6 thoughts on “Kuksa Carving – My Green Woodworking Journey”

  1. Thank you for taking us on your journey. I love the respect you show for the old birch tree, and for the forest. I think the squirrel was keeping his eye on you. The Silky Gomboy would have made you a king among men in the Viking age, especially with your skill with throwing it on to the branch. Hopefully your headache is better soon, perhaps when the weather has decided to finally change to winter and the snow falls.

  2. i hope your car is a real viking car. i hope it's a volvo. 🙂 beautiful woods pictures. thank you for taking me.

  3. Nice and inspirational video,i would also like to make some plates and a wooden spoon, I just do not have the time and the wood for now. It's a wonderful creation, the wood is beautiful 🤗 👍✌️🌲

  4. Funny you should say that about "Winter", it's not "Summer" in the Western Cape of South Africa either.
    For the next few Days our Daytime Temperatures will be between 13 – 17 deg. Celsius and hopefully some more Rain.

  5. Hopefully Bjorn, the fungi will get to work on the fallen and dead tress and convert them back to soil. Thus allowing new trees to grow back in their places and maybe, one day if our species uses its brains, we will stop cutting down trees purely for profit. The plants afterall are the lungs of the world. They eat up way more CO2 than any of man's efforts to reduce the stuff will ever do! In fact, high CO2 concentrations will help plants of all types grow that much bigger and faster! Very low concentrations ill actually hinder their growth.

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