Kuksa Carving – My green woodworking journey | Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen

Kuksa Carving - My green woodworking journey | Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen
Kuksa Carving – shaping the bowl. In this video, I am beginning to carve the kuksa from the birch out in the forest.

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Kuksa Carving – My green woodworking journey | Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen

7 thoughts on “Kuksa Carving – My green woodworking journey | Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen”

  1. I like how you let the birch tell you where the kuksa is. To paraphrase Michelangelo "The kuksa was always there, you just chiseled away the superfluous material".

  2. I really want to try this! I like how you let the wood decide the shape. Gives it a more natural feel. A head in the handle is a good idea. Maybe some runes along the outside edge? Thanks, Bjorn!

  3. Working directly away from the bowl, the handle can take the form of a dragons head or even a boars head to match your TBS Boar, perhaps?!?!
    I dont have much experience carving anything, by the Bjorn. But the few bits I have tried my hands at, I left the wood under my sofa (Oh the joys of living alone!) for about 8 or 9 months before I did anything but remove the bark from it. I can the 2nd to next item I buy being one of the Mora 164's. I did my best with "normal" knives, but I soon discovered that even the best of the ones I own has very limited capabilities when it comes to things like carving out a bowl in a spoon, let alone a kuksa!

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