IT’S WATERPROOFED… Mostly! (Finishing Roof Membrane)

IT'S WATERPROOFED... Mostly! (Finishing Roof Membrane)
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IT’S WATERPROOFED… Mostly! (Finishing Roof Membrane)

12 replies on “IT’S WATERPROOFED… Mostly! (Finishing Roof Membrane)”

  1. Emergency re hydration recipe is teaspoon of salt, palm full of sugar in 2 pints of water will do the job. Flavour if you like!

  2. Maybe where the membrane has ripples that won't come out, you could experiment with popping a hole (short hex roof screw) or two in it to release the air as you press it down. If it works then a dab of sealant recommended by the manufacturer to cover the hole. Hopefully you can get them out easily! (A bit of roof ladder work as part of the pre shingle laying. Cheers and have fun!

  3. I think one issue is that you spray the foam, instead of 'putting it in place'. That foam is made to fill a cavity, and normally the new foam push the product away, meshing it together. You make a foam string and depose it on another string. The better way would be to lay the bead beside the previous one, pushing them together, then it would expand upward.

    So I think the way to do it would be to lay one layer of bead, then come back to put the second layer and so on. This would let some time for the foam to expand and cure before you build the layers. It would also make sure that there is no gap, specially since you can fill the gap as you see them at each layer.

  4. hey thats an idea… all those rocks you got all over….. wood burning pizza oven … big one.. and you can bake bread in it too heh .. who has time for that heh

  5. WELL DONE! You are Roofers now using up the foam! Salt and potassium, get it into you. Have fun!

  6. You all need to go get some pizza dough and make your selfs some fresh garden veggies on your own pizza and bake it your selfs

  7. Foam, cold roof, membrane, foam in the peak, and hey Pesto!, you now just need to add roofing.

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