Innovative Folding Outfeed Table for The Table Saw – How to Build

Innovative Folding Outfeed Table for The Table Saw - How to Build
In this woodworking video, I show you how to build an innovative outfeed table for your table saw.
Most table saws will benefit from a few accessories to make them safer and more convenient to use, like for wood to feed out the back of the saw, like a roller type stand, or even better, a outfeed table which is what I am building today, with some heavy duty, folding shelf brackets.

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4-Position Folding Brackets used in this video:,43648,43651

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Innovative Folding Outfeed Table for The Table Saw – How to Build

11 thoughts on “Innovative Folding Outfeed Table for The Table Saw – How to Build”

  1. Home Depot has Knape & Vogt 16 in. Heavy Duty Folding Shelf Bracket in White. Adjustable in 4 positions: 90, 80, 70 and 0 degrees. $18.98 each, sold individually.

  2. Added this to my cabinet saw about one year ago. It makes it a lot easer to move around the saw. Bought heavy duty pair 400 lb capacity just Incase grandchildren decide to sit on it when I’m not looking.

  3. I ordered two and got them in 2 days, thanks so much for sharing this, sometimes the simplest things are the best, what a great idea, thanks again

  4. Finding a way to mount the brackets is more difficult for a contractor saw, as compared to Colin's cabinet saw. The problem is that most contractor saws do not have a vertical flat surface (also many of them have a motor hanging out the back).

    Has anyone mounted brackets like these to a contractor saw? If so, can you post a link to pictures or a video?

    The only secure mounting method I can think of would need a couple 2×4's on each side of the saw. One mounted to the underside of the saw table and protruding about a foot out the back, and another mounted lower, near the bottom of the saw enclosure or the top of the saw stand, again protruding a foot out the back. Then an upright could be mounted to those 2×4's, and the bracket installed on the upright. The extra foot of protrusion is to clear the hanging motor.

  5. What is the table saw that you have? That is a great idea for an out feed table. I have a small workbench on the backside of my table saw that I bought used that is low by about 3-4” so I need to make some new legs for it or just add some feet to raise it up to the right height but would love something that could be folded away as I have a small shop as well

  6. Thank you very much for this video! I've been wanting to do this for a long time but haven't because I considered it to be too difficult. I thought I would have to involve some welding of the some sort to work around my table saw fence and I didn't want to get into that. I didn't even know those brackets existed. Thank you so much! this changes everything!!

  7. Great idea Colin, once again simple and effective projects delivered in your easy going style, appreciate all your efforts 👍

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