I finally made chess pieces.

I finally made chess pieces.
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I finally made the chess pieces. It just took me 10 years!
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I finally made chess pieces.

18 thoughts on “I finally made chess pieces.”

  1. This whole video was a delight to watch and reminder why I've been watching your videos for some undetermined amount of time (sorry, not since day one, although only because I didn't find you on day one).

    And Princess Meow Meow stickers on your tools are awesome.

  2. Now, THAT was darned funny! I haven't laughed so hard at a YouTube video for a long time… including the ones that are meant to be from comedy channels. I may not be a great woodworker yet, but I sure do feel like I'm closer to being a YouTube expert now. Thanks for the very self-reflective narration, and nice work on the chess pieces!

  3. I have been trying to figure out why my pattern bit keeps doing that on one of my routers. I don't know if that's the cause, but I will before spring. Just for that thought, subscribed count me as 1,000,001

  4. Congrats Steve on the 1M subs. Quite a milestone – OH YEAH the chess pieces are nice too! !! !!!

  5. Disappointing that you have set up the pieces wrong. At least you have white square in right hand corner. You forgot the other rule. Queens always start on their own colour.

  6. i know it's not the right video but has Steve made a video about wood insert screws? I can't seem t find anything using search

  7. Congratula…! 😀 Hey, that could rhyme with Dracula! I don't play chess, but I like this set. Ive got you beat though. I've got a set of ceramic greenware pieces that my son and I were going to do about 3 moves and 25 years ago. Lol Someday…..

  8. the bit comes out of the router because the collet is dirty or there is saw dust in the opening for the collet.

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