How To Wood Burn Better

How To Wood Burn Better
Today I’m going to teach you some more beginner wood burning techniques. I’m going to get into how to add texture to a wood burning. I show you how I divided a piece of wood up into 16 squares and practiced different strokes and techniques. I use only the simplest wood burner because I know most of you are just getting started with wood burning and have basic wood burners.

If you’re new to wood burning I hope you can check out my channel where I teach so many different wood burning techniques.

Link to the beginner wood burning playlist:

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How to wood Burn:

How to make a wooden pipe (Basics) :

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How To Wood Burn Better

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  1. is it normal for the tool to make a popping noise while heating up? its my first time using one and I don't know is its normal

  2. I think you are using a razortip…..could you give us the number of the tip and actually show us how to make the designs?

  3. whats with the hands??? you must think you are cool now that you learned to do videos….sheeesh, what a dork!

  4. My burning box of finished projects had to be upgraded yesterday lol it's like 3×3 feet now. I make many things

  5. I have been offered $$ but I don't have the slightest clue how much I'm Doing signs, sentiments and art. But where do I start. I am a happier person since I discovered Pyrography but never thought I would b getting requests. Where do I start and what do I do???

  6. OMG I love your channel and think that I'll love wood burning with your helpful films

  7. I actually would really love to see, or if you already have one let me know the name of it so I can go watch it, a video on the best temperature settings for what types of effects. As well as what tips are best for which effects. I'm struggling the most with shading in a project I'm working on for my aunt.

  8. I'm trying not to feel ashamed that I'm 32 and and being taught wood burning by a teenager… but not only are your videos informative but also hands down the most interesting to watch!

  9. Can you post the link for the video where you explained all the tips? I can't find it

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