6 thoughts on “How To Use Hemp Oil For A Natural Wood Finish”

  1. 100% Tung oil is not a drying oil. It is a hardening oil or curing oil and does not need a solvent to dry. Multiple layers make an excellent water resistant surface. I am not familiar with hemp oil, so I cannot comment.

  2. I would love to use this on a desk that we are making instead of a polyurethane. Is the Tung oil or the Hemp oil buildable like polyurethane is? Could I get a decent layer of protection with it? My kids will be using this, and I would love for it to be very wipeable – similar to polurethane, but without all the VOC's?

  3. This is soooo fantastic +HomesteadHouse ! I didn't know that I could use tung oil for outdoor projects.  LOVE!  I will definitely give it a try on my outdoor wood furniture! Thanks a million for posting this video! Lynne

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