How To Use Finishing Oil

How To Use Finishing Oil
This guide shows you How To Use Finishing Oil
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How To Use Finishing Oil

13 thoughts on “How To Use Finishing Oil”

  1. Ive just got my worktop and was told to oil it almost daily for 2 weeks, long story short was told to chuck the brush away after use. Ive used what i thought was lint free cloth and ive now fibres all ova the work top! How do i get them out without getting the whole thing re sanded and varnished ūüė≠

  2. Hi, I tried applying danish oil on my worktop and after the third coat, the surface feels sticky to touch, any suggested solution and why it feels sticky?

  3. Hi i have recently used a lint free cloth to oil my oak work tops i was wondering if i need to clean my cloth before i re apply more oil to the surface, or can I used the same cloth and just leave it to dry?

  4. if i put on too much danish oil on a dark oak and it seems to be diffrent shades……….. its not coming out has one soild shade. its a kitchen work top. how can i retify this porblem.

  5. Hello mate,
    If I secretly poured this onto my ex girlfriend would she spontaneously combust too?
    Thanks ūüôā

  6. how  long  should  i  leave   bees  wax   before   i   try    polishing,  cheers

  7. can   anyone   tell  me  why   you   mix  turpentine   to  bees  wax,  many  thanks   mike

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