How to Turn Wood on a Lathe – Intro to Woodturning

How to Turn Wood on a Lathe - Intro to Woodturning
Tips, advice and a little instruction about how to use a lathe with Carl Jacobson

I want to thank Carl for the great lesson on how to use the lathe and all the advice he gave me, and all of you about how to set one up.

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How to Turn Wood on a Lathe – Intro to Woodturning

16 thoughts on “How to Turn Wood on a Lathe – Intro to Woodturning”

  1. hi Linn and Carl great video guys, I'm giving the wood turning a go soon having been given a couple of lathes by my father recently, I've always been curious about lathes and their uses but never had much previous experience, only briefly in my younger school days in woodworking class but then the subject did not really turn me on. Maybe now having come across your channel I might be infused. Peter

  2. Thanks to both of you for sharing very useful tips. I have also started woodturning but am little bit scared of traditional tools especially "Skew" and had some very bad catches. Thanks again and keep on sharing more tips!

  3. Instead of WD40, use wax. Wax repels moisture; WD's residue attracts dust particles, etc. Secondly, I am curious: why the on-screen questions followed by Darbin herself asking the same question?

  4. Are you guys from Sweden? Or some other country…I see Scandinavian names mainly in this video.

  5. 0054 "What's the difference between a big one and a small one?"………

    Also, and out door shop?

    How do you keep people from stealing all your tools?

  6. Wow, you were fortunate to have Carl as your teacher. Well done; I learned a lot. [Only quibble is I found the 'black screens' superfluous: the questions posted on them were pretty much what you asked Carl in person. I found they interrupted the flow and concentration – compared to your many other excellent videos that do not have this feature.]

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