How to Make Lincoln Logs: Woodworking Project

How to Make Lincoln Logs: Woodworking Project
I show you how to make the classic Lincoln Log toys out of cheap 2x6s from the home center. I’m then going to assemble my Lincoln Logs to make a birdhouse, complete with a one car garage.
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Details, photos and plans for this woodworking project:

TOOLS / SUPPLIES (Affiliate)
Bostich Pin Nailer:
3/4” Dado Router Bit:
Micro Jig Gripper:
Dark Walnut Stain:
Red Satin Spray Paint:
Hunter Green Satin Spray Paint:
Lincoln Logs:
Glue Bottle:




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How to Make Lincoln Logs: Woodworking Project

19 thoughts on “How to Make Lincoln Logs: Woodworking Project”

  1. Like they said. Eves are along the edge, gables are on the ends. But then, it's your story, not ours. I do woodwork for the enjoyment, not in an attempt to make others happy. I appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

  2. How do you open up the bird house to clean out last year's nesting material? (Are you a home Brewer?)

  3. Ok – couple more things – those are gables, not eves. Two quick cuts with a saw and and a couple quick knocks with a sharp chisel and the gables would be rocking – perhaps even more quickly. Suggestions only. Thanks again.

  4. I appreciate the video and the project. Thank you. Please – turn off the muzak!!!

  5. Convinced I can get some online or OfferUp and will be cheaper and less time consuming that what you did

  6. if you start out making the larger ones first and you have the problems with blowout, you can just trim them to the next size down

  7. I really like the Yellow tool you use at 3:46 — makes the table saw a lot safer for those close cuts! What is it called?

  8. When making the eves there needs to be away to suport the roof slats. it wasnt an issue for you since you glued and nailed. But if someone was to use that template it would not work. they would need to remove material from the peak twoard the ends but not all the way to the ends

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