How to make a knife block (that can hold your cookbook) // Woodworking

How to make a knife block (that can hold your cookbook) // Woodworking
Eric asked me to make a knife block on Twitch! Here’s a great simple woodworking project!
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Someone asked me on my Twitch livestream to make a knife block, so I decided to give it a shot with a big chunk of basswood that I had. As always, I wanted to add a little something extra, so I angled it back instead of forward and embedded a little shelf to hold a recipe book while cooking.



(some are better than the versions I own) – SawStop cabinet saw – Evolution miter saw (cuts wood, alum, steel, etc) – Dewalt DW735 benchtop planer – Orbital Sander – Dremel tool – Tack Cloth – Porter Cable 6″ Jointer – Grizzly 14″ Bandsaw – Shop Fox Hanging Air Filter – 2HP Dust Collector – 1 Micron bag – Digital Angle Gauge – Flush cut saw – 100% pure tung oil – Quikclot clotting sponge – First aid kit – Respirator – Filters – Eye protection – Ear protection

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How to make a knife block (that can hold your cookbook) // Woodworking

16 thoughts on “How to make a knife block (that can hold your cookbook) // Woodworking”

  1. Several people have mentioned that it needs some sort of drainage (which I never thought of). If that's a concern, you could route a little drainage channel to the back when cutting out the area for the knives.

  2. If you put the table saw blade just deep enough to cut the channels, then you cut them all the way through, you wouldn't have the problem of things getting stuck inside.

  3. I was watching the channel, then she (The Wife) "saw" the knife block… build that she says !…. yep, I have to build it now… and thumbs up.

  4. I know people with nut allergies so thats good to know it may be dangerous. Cus the people i know with the allergy its severe and could kill them if they even come in contact with just the nut oils

  5. Pretty. I'd want each cavity to have an opening all the way thru the bottom to allow for air circulation, and possible water to drain. And it's a bit tippy.

  6. I dont know if someone ever told you this, but in the outro, i find you’re kinda looking like wolverine. Just saying. 😀 Great project as well!

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