How to Make a Foot Rest for a Portable Workbench – Woodworking Project

How to Make a Foot Rest for a Portable Workbench - Woodworking Project
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One of my subscribers Jaakko Korkeala suggested an addition to the Portable Workbench and then made a video to show the idea. I wanted to try it out for myself, but I must give all credit to Jaakko for the idea. It’s a very simple addon and I adapted it to suit my needs. I like it and it now gives me the option of two foot positions on the Workbench.

You can view Jaakko’s video here:

I made it from a piece of reclaimed / scrap Pine Wood using hand tools to demonstrate that you don’t need expensive power tools to begin woodworking.

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I like the idea of making my own Tools, especially if it is a Tool that is not easily found or readily available. Handmade Tools give great satisfaction and for me it is fun knowing that I created something to help me better improve my woodworking experience.

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How to Make a Foot Rest for a Portable Workbench – Woodworking Project

3 thoughts on “How to Make a Foot Rest for a Portable Workbench – Woodworking Project”

  1. Yesss! It's very nice that you used the same idea, that I had in my workbench. 😄 You even made it better. These portable benches are quite good tools to make little wood- or maybe other workings too. I also see that you are in a good physical condition. 👏

  2. I do the same thing on mine! I find it funny that it has dog holes but no one thought that a user might want a use the bench like this. Cool idea, man! Oh and I definitely won’t be trying that balancing act anytime soon! Mostly because I know I can’t do it! 😂

  3. Ah great idea! This video has it all – really. Great use of those restored tools, clever idéa to the workbench (I need to make this addition to my own some time), and the strength testing with the blanace act there. Great content. Well done my friend!

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