How to Keep a Wood Stove Burning All Night Long

How to Keep a Wood Stove Burning All Night Long
In the Northeast we are experiencing a Bomb Cyclone which has temperatures hovering around 5°F – 10°F. Here is how I keep my Wood Stove burning all night long without having to keep putting wood in it. I cut discs that are approximately 2-4 inches thick and anywhere from 8-14 inches round.

How to Keep a Wood Stove Burning All Night Long

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  1. The discs he used are white oak. Which in my experience burns longer than red oak. Burning in a disc like this you are burning cross grain which also helps burn time. You can burn burl or knots to also get long burn times. You can also cook a baked potato inside the wood stove,,, just saying. Lol

  2. Not only does it not produce much heat with the vent closed, but the low temperature smoke will leave creosote in the chimney.

  3. Way to keep it non PC. Melt them snowflakes. The only people offended are the idiots he referred to.

  4. I lay them in cut about 16" long not the same way CHARMCITY187 lay his end grain on the coals. The best I got out of a round was somewhat over 12 hours it was a large dogwood round. The problem dogwood is it kind of stinks as it burns. In my boxwood stove, I feed one small round (about the size of the fat end of a baseball bat) on a hot bed of coals with a large round (around the thickness of a coffee can). Them rounds burn nice and slow in my stove.  Also, many of the rounds will split open on their own while drying and that is when you know that stack is good and ready to burn well.

  5. ATTENTION STUUUUPID PEOPLE ,,,,the man is correct!! …. a nice hefty layer of glowen' coals and full size "disks" , along with ah'bit of cut-N-split wood will burn slow n steady all night (heavy knotted bits , rootballs & greenwood burns slower too) ,,learning to use the flue and vents is a must and "seasoned hardwood" goes ah'long way
    ~good video dude , keep warm & dont let the Doubting Thomas' get in your head —keep talking to'em like in this video (the fuhhkurz deserve it) LOL!!!

  6. I do it a bit different, but we usually have lots of hot coals in the morning, plus we have a Hearthstone Soapstone stove, the stove gives off heat long after the fire has gone out. The problem with cast iron stoves is you are always chasing the heat.

  7. Need to learn how to focus that potato you filmed this on. But this is common sense….. Unspilt wood burns longer and slower.

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