7 thoughts on “How to Clean a Wood Burning Stove”

  1. Rule #1 for maintaining an efficient woodstove. Leave at least 1-inch and up to 2 inches of ash on the bottom. This will in NO way interfere with trying to light a fire. It helps to keep the stove warmer longer because the ash sort of "insulates" the hot coals and they just last and last, sometimes still a little bit of red coal remaining 36 hours later. Avalon Rainier stove I've been heating with wood for 42 years Always keep a fire extinguisher in the home. Happy burning.

  2. @dakoffran – exactly, as a retired sweep & a life long user of wood heat, leaving a few inches of ash in the bottom will support the coal bed & keep the fire hotter while also adding many hours to the time needed to refuel. With front port stoves, just keep the airway open & let the ash pile around it. In larger fireplaces, up to a 6" layer of ash will allow the fire to burn for a day. Removing the ash looks clean & nice but it actually seriously reduces the efficiency of the stove or fireplace

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