How I Got Started in Hand Tool Woodworking And First Projects for the Beginner

How I Got Started in Hand Tool Woodworking And First Projects for the Beginner
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So how exactly does one get started in hand tool woodworking and what would make a good beginner project. in this video, I go through what I did as starter projects and what I suggest.

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How I Got Started in Hand Tool Woodworking And First Projects for the Beginner

17 thoughts on “How I Got Started in Hand Tool Woodworking And First Projects for the Beginner”

  1. Very inspirational. Are you saying you never got classes from a teacher? I always wanted to start with woodworking and now I'm purchasing and preparing some good old tools like planes, chisels and bits. Your channel and Paul Sellers are definitively my favourites. Thank you so much. Greetings from Uruguay, South America.

  2. This was great advice, and I’m so glad you didn’t say the ideal first project is a cutting board!!!

  3. So this is like Minecraft. Once you make your crafting table you can make everything else!

  4. Ah the good old days, the beginning of your YouTube channel. I still like going back and watching some of the basic projects now that we're in the middle of Winter in New England and my hand tools are king.

  5. power tool shop owner here, making the expansion toward hybrid shop. will probably shift to total hand tools once my machinery wears out… Hand tool work is just so much more satisfying. powertools have a very important place on the job, as they make your time = more money. but if your just puttering around at a home shop killing a sunday afternoon, why rush? The joinery is the destination =)

  6. Totally agree. My first project was saw benches in order to make my bench. Then bench, now whatever.

  7. That is a very nice piece. I just started my own channel so I subscribed to yours to get inspiration.

  8. I enjoy all your videos James. Love your thought process. Im what you call a hybrid worker dictacted by time (and my lack of patience only) . Built a mallet as my first all hand tool project truly inspired by you. Can't thank you enough. Keep up the great work!

  9. I agree with everything you said here. Before I started getting serious about woodworking, I would just start building things. Wasn’t necessarily good, but I started it. When I started to think too much about it and tried to make sure I thought I was within ability level, I’ve stopped most projects before they begin, or I’ve completely screwed them up by thinking I can’t do it. So In the beginning I’d say to just jump in and go to town. Your mistakes are going to be the best way to learn. When I started to take advice from the professionals is when I became less of a woodworker and more of a dreamer.

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