How I changed my bench grinder forever with CBN wheels!

How I changed my bench grinder forever with CBN wheels!
The BEST place to get CBN wheels► Wood Turners Wonders:
Wood Turners Wonders is a wonderful, family run business that specializes in CBN wheels. Ken Rizza, the owner, is a very knowledgeable guy who is a pleasure to work with. Ken is also a supporter of Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal, which shows he is willing to give back to the woodworking community. I hope you thank him and the rest of the great folks at Wood Turners Wonders for that!

How I changed my bench grinder forever with CBN wheels!

14 thoughts on “How I changed my bench grinder forever with CBN wheels!”

  1. Great Info James. I've been thinking about them for a few months and your video has tipped the scales on the yes side. Thank you Sir

  2. Hey Stumpy, nice tutorial but what is that grinding jig you're using? I use the Veritas tool rest but that set-up looks a whole lot better!

  3. But do you really need to grind your tools that often to make a difference? Especially at their price… I have ever since used a slow big wheel that is sitting in water, no overheat and fast enough cutting to do 99% of the grinding work I do… though I rarely have to really reform the the tool, maybe if you need to do that more often, but then maybe you need to stop doing whatever you do to your tools to do that ^^

  4. Hmmmm,,Wonder how hard they are really??
    Have some zirconian knife blades that i use a diamond on to maintain edge,,
    How do ya reckon they handle the zirconia blades??

  5. I didn’t even know they existed. Definitely getting some now. Thanks for the info.

  6. Very nice explanation. they are also over $300 a bit steep for the hobbyist but for a professional shop would be a great asset.

  7. James – where can I get the rig you are using to hold and guide your blades as you sharpen them?? Thanks!

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