Home Made Wooden Vise – Woodworking – Part Two

Home Made Wooden Vise - Woodworking - Part Two
I went to home depot to look at vises and the prices are crazy, So I decided to build my own, Total cost .00

I utilized scrap wood I had, All I needed to buy was a 8″ bolt, washer and nut… And voila

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Home Made Wooden Vise – Woodworking – Part Two

16 thoughts on “Home Made Wooden Vise – Woodworking – Part Two”

  1. Hi Scott I personally didn't enjoy your video because you didn't say a thing. For me the love of wood working comes from listening to others and what they have to input changes it all for me. Otherwise I did like and enjoy your build video.

  2. Tremendous projects with detailed guidelines [Check Details Here⇒>☞★☞https://t.co/sWWo3FNTUp ]. What a great feeling fulfilment and satisfaction I have from constructing my own barn and stools. This is the best woodwork plan I've seen.

  3. what I really like is that compare to a metal vise it's so light and portable
    and it won't hurt your foot should it ever fall on your feet
    pretty good wooden vise
    thanks for the video

  4. Did anyone get Hyezmar's Woodworking Bible yet? I think he's still looking for proof readers. At least that's what read in a blog after googling him.

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