High Voltage Electric Fractal Wood Burning

High Voltage Electric Fractal Wood Burning
Several experiments burning fractal Lichtenberg figures into wood using high voltage electricity. I use several different solutions as conductors and various types of wood and was very pleased with the results.
The transformer I used produces voltages and currents sufficient to kill someone. Follow safety procedures carefully or a fatal accident may happen. At a minimum, do the following:
1. Never work alone. Always have someone watching that can get help if you get shocked.
2. Always wear insulated footwear and gloves.
3. Always check and then double check that the transformer is disconnected before touching a lead. Do not trust switches. It’s too easy to forget to turn one off. Always disconnect the transformer by unplugging it.
4. Most important of all: Always, ALWAYS, use only one hand when touching a lead. Even if you know the transformer is unplugged still follow this rule. Your other hand should be carefully tucked behind your back. If a mistake is made and only one hand is touching a hot wire, that hand may be burned but the current is less likely to travel through your heart, which it could easily do if you grabbed a lead in each hand.

High Voltage Electric Fractal Wood Burning

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  1. I really like your set up, you have indeed put a lot of thought into making a really nice device. However, I would not be a good person if I did not mention to you how dangerous it is to be adding the solution to a live piece. I would suggest that you use a very good insulation on anything that you place on that piece when you have a live high voltage situation. I use a dead mans pedal when I do this process just in case there is any voltage leakage from the piece. There have been some cases where people have been hurt pretty badly performing this process. Remember that safety is paramount. Great video! Keep up the awesome work.

  2. Thank you for the very informative video. This has slowed me down on my burns and I get a lot better burns now. Hope you have time to make more videos soon.

  3. I have watched quite a few videos on this technique in general, this is by far the best I have seen to date. Thank you for the time, and information, I really appreciate the analytical approach. I believe I have everything I need to do this already in the garage. I am a bit busy now, but hopefully in June or July of 2017, I will make one of these and give this a try. Maybe I'll post my own videos on the build of the device, and the results of some of the burns. Thanks again.

  4. This …to me …is the best video on youtube about a lichtenberg device. It's the safest, and by controlling the burn, you have a much better looking burn with fine fingers. Good job, I bout my veriac on ebay and it's on the way

  5. Mr Gilroy, I have purchased my Variac and Neon transformer. Can you provide a detailed video or draw a diagram and post a short video showing the diagram on how to connect the components? Or is there a website that you found this setup on?

  6. Can you post some still pics of the electrolyte test sample boards?
    Andrew Cohen on facebook, I have a Friends Making Music page there as well.

  7. Do you think amps are more of a factor than volts? I ask because I tried a 19k oil burner ignition transformer but I think puts out small amount of amps with little results

  8. Thanks for the video and sharing your experience with us. How do I remove stain? I want to apply epoxy on the wood after burning it. I just do not want the stain show up on the wood. Thanks again


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