Herringbone Plywood (and then turning it)

Herringbone Plywood (and then turning it)
I had some offcuts of “Maxi-edge”, a plywood edge grain product my local plywood supplier makes up in house. By cutting it on an angle, you can get some pretty cool effects, particularly when turning. Then if you glue up multiples, you get a neat herringbone pattern

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Herringbone Plywood (and then turning it)

5 thoughts on “Herringbone Plywood (and then turning it)”

  1. Great pattern, thanks for the inspiration! Would love to try this with thin strips of various hardwoods, like a cutting board, made into a herringbone pattern.

  2. Very nice pattern. Interesting that the HSS tools do better than Carbide and the CA glue finish. It's also reminded me I need to make a few pens for our local Christmas makers fare. AND… I'm still uming and aring about a belt sander. It's getting closer to the top of my list ( after Helli heads for my planer).

  3. Hi Paul, are you aware that Amazon.com do not ship to Australia anymore? I realise it's still good for your international viewers but frustrating for us Aussies – bloody government.

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