Get Involved Woodworking 8-20-18

Get Involved Woodworking   8-20-18
Chad Stanton takes you through the minds of other woodworker from around the world and shows you the creations they are making. See what they are doing and great new ideas and inspiration to make something. This is the one show where you can show your work to everyone. If you would like to have your woodworking on the show email Chad at and show him what you are making. It’s a great way to share, show case, and support other woodworkers.

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Get Involved Woodworking 8-20-18

7 thoughts on “Get Involved Woodworking 8-20-18”

  1. Chad, I have been a viewer for of you for years. If you really want more subscribers, you must go back to being at least a little bit funny. Your content right now is just basic. EVERY YouTube woodworker covers this. You are you and YOU need to let YOU loose. I know this is difficult to hear. I have seen you at your best and I used to enjoy your channels. I watch you now to see you go back to yourself. 43k is Ok but 143k would be more Ok. I truly believe if you went forward from this point with YOUR humor you would hit that 143k subscriber mark in short order. In my humble opinion you seem to be a nice guy. You have been unique and funny in the past. The only way to get new subscribers is to give them something that the other channels don't. I honestly will not stop watching you, I have since way back in Wood Chopin Time. Thank you for all you have done for us woodworkers. Content on all of your 3 shows is good (especially Friday's. Missed last Friday, by the way). Keep on dancing!

  2. Another inspiring show. I agree with Paul on Jeff’s old table. I’d suggest remaking the table as best is possible with the parts he has. It might require some additional parts but they could be made from the same species of wood if he can figure out what that was. It looks like a big challenge but the results should be outstanding.

  3. Great projects as usual, And yes we do learn from your tips, and I, who have been making sawdust for may years still learn a lot from other people. I've only been turning for a few years but I make a lot of Goblets. I think if anything, Kevin's goblet will crack 🙁 . My wife wants a new mail box, so maybe I should encourage her, like David to come out to the shed and help build it 😀

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