Folding Sawhorses | STEP BY STEP with limited tools

Folding Sawhorses | STEP BY STEP with limited tools
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In this video, I’ll show you step-by-step how to make a pair of space-saving, folding sawhorses. Download free plans here ►

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Folding Sawhorses | STEP BY STEP with limited tools

11 thoughts on “Folding Sawhorses | STEP BY STEP with limited tools”

  1. YouTube be dammed! Keep making videos like this. Or short ones too. I can follow both. Whatever you do, don’t leave YouTube. Your ideas are a huge help.

  2. I like the long videos, Steve. There’s not a whole lot of videos that I can sit through all the way, but you’re pretty much the number one teacher that I’ve learned pretty much everything from, and I’m always excited when you upload a new video. Hell, my favorite video of yours is the one looking back on past projects and it’s 30 minutes. Anything you post, I’ll watch it.
    The thing that hit me in this video is the patience. I tend to rush real bad, because I can pretty much only build things on Saturday, so I always end up rushing so I don’t have to wait a week to continue.

  3. Use clamps to hold the legs together when screwing them into the top piece. Figured that one out when I followed your 1st sawhorse video. 😁

  4. I already built a pair of these folding saw horses based on your original video. The self centering drill bits are a big help to minimize misalignment on the legs when you put in the screws. Thanks, Steve!

  5. I'm just surprised a video longer then 9 mines showed up in my recommendations. I'm glad, but puzzled.

  6. I'll watch, and have watched, 45+ min long videos as long as they're interested and I formative, be it woodworking, forging, and misc. Great video, and I look forward to the next!

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