Folding Campfire Seat

Folding Campfire Seat
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I originally built this folding campfire chair a few years ago when my YouTube skills were drastically different and I’ve always wanted to redo it and be able to provide plans.

The weather is getting cooler and this makes the perfect chair to bring with you hiking, camping, or fishing! It’s lightweight and looks really cool. Way better than those canvas ones. My favorite part about this project is that you can make it in only a couple of hours!

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Folding Campfire Seat

13 thoughts on “Folding Campfire Seat”

  1. Incredible! The PDF plans of this project are SO well done. Top notch, pro-level quality work my YT friend. Thanks from Texas!

  2. I think I just found a great project for my sons Cub Scout pack to make. Thanks Steve for sharing and creating this!

  3. So I’m trying to extend my woodworking abilities. I’ve been buying some basic things such as levels and square. I’ve noticed Walmart sells Stanley tools which spear to be alright. Could you do a video on cheap tools for beginners?

  4. is friction the only thing holding the dowel into the holes? seems like they would eventually slide apart, no? asking for my own education.

  5. While watching the embedded commercial (for the mattress company) was anyone else reminded of Phil and Luke from "Modern Family"?

  6. GREAT!! Now I have to buy a disc sander so i can make like 50 of these for Christmas presents! Awesome simple project!! Im going to get my 12 year old son in on this one!! Love the project that u can do in a day!!

  7. Looks like a nice project for tomorrow or Monday. As I have knee issues, I may adjust some of the measurements for that. Looks like a fun quick build.

  8. I love the design , anything to note to scale up to a larger size? because I am not so young and limber, great video thumbs up.

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