Floating Epoxy Waterfall River Table | Woodworking How to Build

Floating Epoxy Waterfall River Table | Woodworking How to Build
How to build a floating epoxy waterfall river table from a live edge slab. I used ecopoxy for the epoxy resin table and a nice live edge slab of cherry. This project had a lot of firsts for me including my first time to do a waterfall table, first time to weld, and first time learning how to pour epoxy resin. Enjoy this woodworking how to!

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Right angle clamp blocks – https://amzn.to/2DSo6Vo

➤Shout out to these guys for their help on this build!
Dylan and Jason of Black Forest Wood Co, – https://www.instagram.com/blackforestwoodco/
Doug from RetroWeld – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8NjHgDV5nHEfQGj7JNfp9Q
John Malecki – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVUSDq6-oSpWAAPUppHFtZQ

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Floating Epoxy Waterfall River Table | Woodworking How to Build

16 thoughts on “Floating Epoxy Waterfall River Table | Woodworking How to Build”

  1. first thanks alot for the video and sharing your experience helped me alot with my project
    i worked with some oak planks and stainless steal for a new pc desk looks really awesome, recomend you to try that out instead of normal steal if you havent done that already

  2. Rich buyers would pay ALOT! Have You ever been to any ultra high end modern furniture store?!

  3. Great instructions man, one of the better river tables I've seen here on YouTube, thank you!

  4. Hello how are u I am Pakistani what is the price of resin and how to make please tell me can we buy from England

  5. it looked so awesome at the end bud, and for the next time you can use hidden LED underneath the table, it will give it a lot better look, anyway, the explanation was so good and understandable, keep it up man.

  6. love the wood and resin combination! ever since I saw a colored pencil sculpture someone did on youtube to celebrate a million subscribers or something. not sure how i got there or here again but these videos are so cool! such a beautiful piece. this side of youtube is so talented! especially love the color contrast and the blue

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