Finishing the Nightstand/Dresser with Clear Coat

Finishing the Nightstand/Dresser with Clear Coat
This is part 2 in a 2-part video about building and finishing a small dresser/nightstand. In the first video I built and painted the piece and in the final video I add a clear top coat to the cabinet.

Building a Nightstand:

Thanks to HomeRight for the great HVLP sprayers.

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Finishing the Nightstand/Dresser with Clear Coat

18 thoughts on “Finishing the Nightstand/Dresser with Clear Coat”

  1. hi, do u always put a clear coat of pu over all yr painted furniture? if so how many coats of pu do u normally apply. hope I get the answer for this. thanks and I really appreciate ur videos. it helps a lot.

  2. Dear Lynn, Hi . I am 8 years I loved seeing you building the dresser ,my mama also loves to see your style of working. My mama is also beautiful like you. bye.

  3. Hi, looks very nice. Can you please tell me if you used an oil based clear on top of the finished top? Thank You.

  4. Hi Linn, you are a great inspiration for my woodworking projects. Thank you for that. May I ask how did you install the drawers stoppers? Thank you!

  5. You can put some stoppers on the top center of each drawer to stop them from sliding out all the way and to remove the drawer you simply rotated them to either side. Real great job top notch

  6. never used a spray gun like that one,always air guns,but will look at one now.also great dresser video,easy to follow.big thanks for telling people to let their work many times people mess their nice paint jobs up because the work is not dry.just because the paint can may say it will dry in 8 hours,try to think double the time to be safe,unless you are using a paint booth.another thing weather can mess with may see it dry faster or take even a extra day or so.nice hint with the sand paper.
    keep up the great work!

  7. Lynn, thank you for sharing your knowledge about how you finish your projects. One question If isn't too much what is the origin of Darbin Orvar. Thank You. Jared English

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