Finishing Small Wood Parts

Finishing Small Wood Parts
Check out my quick tip for finishing small wood pieces!

With small parts it can be difficult and time consuming to apply a finish. If you set the piece down before the finish has dried it will stick to whatever surface you put it on, and mess up the finish. By making a screw board or nail board you can easily apply finish to all sides, and even just dip the parts like I’ve done, then let then dry on the board. The parts won’t stick, or at least won’t stick nearly as much, and the finish is usually unblemished. Making a screw board or nail board is a quick and easy project, and can be a real time saver if you’re finishing a lot of pieces.

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TOOLS AND MATERIALS USED – Dewalt Corded Drill – Drill Bit Set – Drywall Screws – Nitrile Gloves – Bulls Eye Sealcoat Universal Sanding Sealer


Finishing Small Wood Parts

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