Finishing Curly Maple with Tom McLaughlin

Finishing Curly Maple with Tom McLaughlin
In this video, career fine furniture maker Tom McLaughlin will describe step by step techniques for finishing curly maple. The first will be how to apply a natural varnish finish, and the second method presented will be how to apply an antiqued finish on curly maple.

Finishing Curly Maple with Tom McLaughlin

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  1. I appreciate the info but your vid keeps breaks up on the important parts of application

  2. This video was AWESOME. What an incredible amount of information and presented really well. I'm subscribed. Thanks!

  3. Denatured alcohol damages one's optic nerves. Tom should be wearing gloves when handling these chemicals.

  4. Why would I finish Curly maple with Tom McLaughlin? Would it look better with an oil based stain?

  5. thanks for this video and your time. I have a whole bunch of curly maple and i've taken some good pointers from you and other content producers. i have a question for you regarding using shellac over dye. I use a complicated process that involves two different colours of alcohol-based dye stain. the dark colour goes on, then i sand it off. then shellac over that. then a lighter colour. It really gives a great effect. However on my most recent project (a mahogany dresser), i found that when i wiped off some glue i also wiped off some of the stain, causing light streaks here and there. I would like to go over the whole case with shellac, which i also love, and hit the top with wiping varnish. HERE'S THE QUESTION: should i put some dye in the shellac, or just do touchups with the dye, and then shellac it? I have put many hours into this project and i don't want to screw it up. Thanks for your help. I'm on the other side of north america or i would try to get into one of your classes. Cheers!

  6. Go to the dollar store. Get several bags of glass marbles. Drop them in your finish containers to keep them "to the top" each time you use them. When the product is gone, just wash off the marbles with the correct solvent for the product they were in.

  7. I want to use oil based stain on a flamed maple top for a guitar.
    I wanted the grain to be raised
    how do i achieve that?
    Raising the grain first with simple water, let it dry and then apply the oil based stain will help ?
    Another question: the varathane pre stain is it a seller or not?

  8. Tom where is your Television show if you have one , Im interested in some of your work. Thank you God bless.

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