Easy Step By Step Shop Cart Build For Woodworking Beginners

Easy Step By Step Shop Cart Build For Woodworking Beginners
In this video we will show you step by step instructions on how to make one of these easy to build wooden shop carts.

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Easy Step By Step Shop Cart Build For Woodworking Beginners

10 thoughts on “Easy Step By Step Shop Cart Build For Woodworking Beginners”

  1. hi,

    Firstly thanks for posting your video, the sweet cart looks fantactic… secondly I am a really beginner to woodworking so all the help I can is fantastic lol:(.. I need to make a cart exacly like the one youve made for my Nieces wedding and just hoping that you coukd send me a plan and cut list of yours??.. Im very happy to pay you for your time if need be.

    my email adress is steve.chandler3@yahoo.co.uk

    I really hope that you can help me out on this…

  2. Hi Joe. I have an idea for the log bird feeder. I will show you when I am done. Nice vids too

  3. Very nice wooden shop cart. I just got back from looking at a metal one at HF. I was thinking to myself coming home, that I have a nice sheet of 3/4 inch birch plywood, that I maybe could use. I went straight to YouTube and searched. Your video is the first one that came up. It is exactly what I had in mind. I have the complete set of Kreg pocket hole jigs and screws. I may use that instead of the biscuit system. Your video is very professional, well spoken, and your lady is a nice touch. Will let you know how mine turns out.

  4. I'm a little concerned about shop safety when your wife/girlfriend puts a nail through your hand (jokingly or seriously, in actuality or just for show). I put a nail through my thumb on a misfire and it still sends chills up my spine every time I think of it.

  5. Great shop cart there Joe,easy build well explained on how to make it mate…
    cheers Mick!!!

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