Easy Pallet Wood Projects Staircase Shelf

Easy Pallet Wood Projects Staircase Shelf
DIY Pallet Wood shelf made from one wide plank, and a couple of standard pieces. Small piece of baton for the hand rail. An unusual wood pallet from the local window glaziers.

A good woodworking project using the basic tools that you can get done in a day. On the table is an offcut of Granite which gave me a lovely square edge. Take your time, move the wood around to see how best it goes together. Im no good with angles and such like but a set square will come in useful.

Made as a frame with the treads then attached, the Kreg pocket jig was made for simple projects like these, its a good tool.

Finished in Rustoleum Chalk paint, really nice to apply, quite thick, very chalky and will need sealing with a wax.

Tools used
Kreg Pocket Screw Kit https://goo.gl/ad31nf
Makita Beltsander https://goo.gl/GwLi5Q
Evolution Rage7 https://goo.gl/EGzLtn

Thanks for watching, feel free to ask any questions, a really good and helpful community of followers on these videos now willing to help each other out.

Music with thanks
“Carnivale Intrigue” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Easy Pallet Wood Projects Staircase Shelf

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  2. nice job on that bit of trinket…..your feline seemed to agree…..where is your heart still Poultry…where?….in wood?….where? There are ones who watch with anticipation of your next endeavors…..much in anticipation of some more …..lets say….refined bit of creative effort shall we….and what shall we see from you…..crowns and garnets await………for the likes …..Poultry….

  3. thanks for the peg info got them off flea bay 10 for £4 one other question if you dont mind is what are the dimensions of the steps thanks mate

  4. Bongo, you were right – at first I thought it was a cat stairway for Mr. Butters – but it was too good for that fractious fellow much better to use as storage and your mancave plush toy collection. Fine build production and deployment. Butters can wait for another project.

  5. if i had all the tools and materials at my disposal, i have always wanted to build a 'green oak barn'. with a 'grassed roof' and 'bails of hay' for the outer walls. there is a 'russian' version of you on here and they're called the 'positive couple'.

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