duragrit 6 piece woodcarving set

duragrit 6 piece woodcarving set
if you do a lot of sanding and finishing, definitely try these out! just wish I had found them sooner!
cheapest price I found them was around £83, click the link below to buy them
Dura-Grit 6 piece wood carving set https://amzn.to/2KXS3bz

duragrit 6 piece woodcarving set

2 thoughts on “duragrit 6 piece woodcarving set”

  1. Hi Johnathon, Do these bits sand fine enough to be used as a final sand? If not, could you show us what bit you would use for the final sanding, or would it have to be sanded by hand at the end? Thank you, and this was a really interesting video!!

  2. Good review johnathon but wow the price is very expensive you wouldn't want to replace those on a daily basis

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