DIY Wood and Resin River Wall Art

DIY Wood and Resin River Wall Art
How to make a piece of hanging art out of a liveedge piece of wood and resin. This project is made from canary wood and ecopoxy 2:1 Liquid Plastic.

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This video was sponsored by HomeRight. Their small spray shelter with straps for optional fan and filter is perfect for cutting down dust in the work area. You can find all sorts of DIY tutorials on their site at

Materials used for this project:
Ecopoxy Resin Liquid Plastic 2:1 Ration
Ecopoxy Resin Color Pigments
Ecopoxy Metallic Colors
Watco Danish Oil
Howards Feed ‘n’ Wax

Tools used:
Spray Shelter
Belt Sander
Orbital Sander
Kreg Jig Pocket Hole

Opening music created and played by Melinda Klawonn and Joel Miller

Video music by

DIY Wood and Resin River Wall Art

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