DIY Portable Miter Saw Stand / Station | Shop Projects

DIY Portable Miter Saw Stand / Station | Shop Projects
This expandable miter saw station is a great addition to any compact miter saw. Most saws similar to this have a small fence and bed, which limit their convenience. This DIY saw stand makes it easy to cut 2×4’s and trim at any length while keeping your offcuts supported. I used scrap wood to build it and have a cut list and plans on my website linked below. Of course, if you have a different saw, you’ll need to adjust the plans, but this should give you a good place to start. If you build this project, don’t forget to tag me on instagram so I can see!!

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DIY Portable Miter Saw Stand / Station | Shop Projects

19 thoughts on “DIY Portable Miter Saw Stand / Station | Shop Projects”

  1. This is a very simple and creative idea! I have been thinking of a way to create supports for my saw for a while. I do not have my miter saw attached to a bench cuz my shop is just not big enough for that so I do a lot of my cuts on my patio. Even though I am not going to mount my saw to a board the supports will be perfect so I can do away with cutting shims every time I am trying to use my miter saw.

  2. It seems like adding more weight to the saw and making it bulkey to store. You don't need all that wood to haul around there is a very easier way that is working for my 10" and 12" saws that I made 12 years ago.

  3. not to be a dick, but when did your videos get so good!! long time viewer. love it all

  4. Not judging but you should go for darker glasses frames or thicker frames. You have good style but your glasses lowkey bother me.

  5. I like this project and will probably build something similar for my portable miter saw. One change that I'll probably incorporate is to leave out the wing nut for the support and instead put magnets in the base. Since you already have magnets for the extra piece to raise up the supports this should be an easy change and it will make setup even faster.

  6. You’d think that ryobi would be smart and make the table 3-1/2” tall so that way you can use a 2×4. Milwaukee, it’s TTI brethren does it. Come on ryobi!!!

  7. Nice and simple mike. So is the build.. πŸ˜‹ haha just kidding. It's a very good idea for makers who have limited space. Or just want a portable system. I have a evolution saw and once when I was breaking up a pallet, I found that the blocks and one board was the perfect height so I kept hold of it πŸ‘πŸ˜

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